East Taupo Lands Trust At A Glance

East Taupo Lands Trust administers 30,270 hectares of land to the south east of Taupo.  The total land holding is made up of 20 individual land block, and there are over 15,000 Trust owners.  The Trust is governed by a maximum of 5 trustees elected by owners for a term of 3 years.

The majority of the land is subject to an Air Access Licence for Hunting and Fishing.  However, the Trust is also actively involved in the honey industry, and has a native plant nursery and farm development based on the Runanga blocks.

East Taupo Lands Trust Charitable Trust is funded by East Taupo Lands Trust.  Its purpose is to distribute grants and benefits to Trust owners and their descendants.

Our Trustees

Binky Ellis - Chairman

Mark Ross - Trustee

Matiu Northcroft - Trustee

Heemi Biddle - Trustee

Ngahere Wall - Trustee

Our Activities

Access for Hunting & Fishing

Heli Sika, who are based at Rangitaiki off the Napier-Taupo Highway, are the current holders of the Air Access Licence for Hunting & Fishing.  This means that if you would like to hunt or fish on our lands, or stay at one of our 20+ huts that we have, you will need to contact Heli Sika.  Their website address is www.helisika.co.nz.

Runanga Development

The Trust has converted approximately 200 hectares of land at Rangitaiki, from wilding pine and scrub to grass pasture.  The land is now leased for grazing.  In addition, the Trust has established a native plant nursery onsite.  The first crop of plants are manuka and will be for sale in 2018.

Honey & Kaimanawa Honey LP

Kaimanawa Honey LP is a limited partnership established in November 2014 between East Taupo Lands Trust and Comvita New Zealand.  The partnership has proved to be very successful in its initial years.


Green Sphere

The green sphere represents kotahitanga with the whenua and ngahere cloaked ranges of the Kaimanawa, Runanga, Tapapa & Wharetoto which form the heart of East Taupo Lands.

Swirling Blue Lines

The swirling blue lines represent the 5 great rivers which are fed by the pure streams that originate on East Taupo Lands; the Mohaka, Ngaruroro, Rangitaiki, Rangitikei & Taupo Moana / Waikato.

The shape of these blue lines also represent a stylised karu and koru; Te Karu is the eye of the ancient taniwha that carved out the mountains & valleys, Te Koru is the growth of our prosperity & wellbeing.

Golden Amber Background

The golden amber background is the colour of clouds & sky above the Kaimanawa range as the sun reflects off Makorako at the change of light each day.