Land Blocks Administered by the Trust

The land blocks administered by the Trust are:

Wharetoto          1, 2A, 2B, 3, 11

Tapapa                 3A, 3B1, 3B2

Kaimanawa         1F, 2B

Runanga             1C, 2C2A, 2C3B1, 2C3B2B, 2C3C, 2A, 2B, 2C1A, 2C1B, 2C1C, 2C1D

Check if you are an Owner

Information can be viewed via the Maori Land Online website which provides a snapshot of current ownership, trustee, memorial and block information for land that falls within the jurisdiction of the Māori Land Court under Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993 and other legislation – this is primarily Māori Customary and Māori Freehold Land, but also includes, General Land Owned by Māori, Crown Land Reserved for Māori and some treaty settlement reserves, mahingā kai and fishing rights areas.

Go to www.maorilandonline.govt.nz to search your land ownership interests.