East Taupo Lands Trust

Charitable Trust Grants

If you can whakapapa back to East Taupo Lands, then we can offer you assistance.

Please download an application form, complete and return to:  P.O Box 723 Taupo 3351 or 88 Kaimanawa Street, Taupo 3330 with all required documentation.

If you have any questions regarding this application, please get in touch.

Approval of grants are at the Trustees discretion.

Grants are only available to owners and beneficiaries of East Taupo Lands Trust.


East Taupo Lands Charitable Trust provides Education Grants to students who are actively engaged in further study with New Zealand Education Providers, outside of the school system.

The East Taupo Lands Trust Charitable Trust recognises the need for assistance, and hopes that in offering grants to assist the owners and descendants of owners, students will have the chance to achieve education and tertiary qualifications.

Please see the application form for the grant criteria.

Application dates

Applications will be considered throughout the year.

Applicants will be advised if their application has been approved or declined in writing.  (The Trustees are not obliged to advise why an application has been approved or declined.)

Application forms
a) Applicants should read the application form carefully.

b) It is a prerequisite to complete all parts of the form and provide all information requested.

c) Incomplete applications will be returned.



School Grants are available for eligible students attending New Zealand schools, and the Grants can be applied for once each school year.

The School Grant can be used towards; school fees and subscriptions, school activities and school trips, stationery and equipment and uniforms (where purchased at the school).

The Trust’s previous School Uniform and School Stationery Grants have been amalgamated to the new School Grant and are no longer offered.

The School Grant amounts are

$40 - Primary level years 1 – 6  (paid to the school to credit the student’s school account OR receive a Warehouse Stationery Gift Card)

$50 - Intermediate level years 7 & 8   (paid to the school to credit the student’s school account)

$100 - Secondary level years 9 – 13   (paid to the school to credit the student’s school account)


Please see the application form for the grant criteria.

Application dates

Applications open mid November and close 29 March every year.

For new entrants (year 0 and 1) who start school after 29 March, applications close 15 November every year.


The ETLT Charitable Trust has funds available to assist owners aged 65 years and over, for costs associated with any of the following:

•    Glasses

•    Hearing aids

•    Dental costs

•    Specialist medical costs

​Other special health related needs (excluding general medical and pharmaceutical), including transport costs where these are substantial, will be considered by the Trustees.

This grant cannot be used to claim GP or prescription charges.


To be eligible for this grant we require that once you reach your 80th birthday, we will register you for an over 80's grant once we receive:

•   A completed application form

•   A certified true copy of your Birth Certificate

•   Proof of ownership

This is an annual grant. You are not required to re-apply each year. Rather we will contact you annually to reconfirm your details


The ETLT Charitable Trust are pleased to provide funds to assist owners and families of owners with Tangihanga expenses. 

Please note, grants are available to cover funeral/tangi expenses of deceased owners only.  The grant amount is $500.

Please ensure all appropriate documentation is provided, including a copy of the Death Certificate.